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Praise for Rob:

“When Rob Simbeck gave the Johnson Lecture at the University of Tennessee’s Center for the Study of War and Society, the audience was enthralled. His topic was compelling: the amazing and too-brief life of Cornelia Fort and the bravery of women pilots during World War II. Even more, his eloquent narration brought the story fully to life and transported the hushed audience.”

Dr. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Lindsay Young Professor and Director, Center for the Study of War and Society, Dept. of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


“Author Rob Simbeck wrote a marvelous book about Nashville Aviatrix Cornelia Fort entitled Daughter of the Air. He seemed a natural as a presenter for her induction into the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame, so we invited him to do the honors. His presentation could not have been better. Mr. Simbeck is much more than a talented writer; he is an extraordinary speaker as well.”

Bob Minter, Founder & Chairman, Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame


“Inspiring, thought-provoking, engaging, and energizing” were all adjectives used to evaluate Rob Simbeck as he provided both a keynote speech and a smaller training session at our recent Equal Justice University event. The participants were legal aid attorneys and advocates serving low income and elderly clients; the topic was “How to Craft Client Stories and Generate Media Buzz”. Our attendees gushed about the knowledge and practical skills they gained from Rob’s presentations. Rob piqued their interest with new concepts, he nurtured them and provided tangible methods for improving their creative writing skills, and he injected laughter and entertainment throughout. He is an enchanting speaker, and we are most grateful to him for stimulating our imaginations and sharpening our writing abilities.”

Lisa Primm, Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services“Rob Simbeck has been one of the best presenters that we have ever had at our Heartland

“Rob Simbeck’s presentation at the Texas Professional Communicators’ Conference in Denton, Texas, was as perfect as it could get….Many TPC attendees told me Rob was the best Werlin Workshop speaker they had ever heard. If he were being graded I would have given him an A+ simply because there is no higher grade to give him. It was a joy working with Rob.”

H. Janet McDaniel, president, Texas Women’s Press Association


“I recently invited Rob Simbeck to speak at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Outdoors Press Association. I had heard from a professor friend of mine that Rob is an excellent speaker, but the talk he gave to a room full of outdoors journalists was fantastic. I received numerous elated comments about Rob’s talk. I strongly recommend Rob as a seminar or keynote speaker.”

Doug Markham, president, Southeastern Outdoor Press Assn.


“We struck gold when we recruited Rob Simbeck to be the non-fiction and magazine writing presenter at our conference. Rob projected an enthusiasm and expertise that both inspired and improved the craft of our attendees. He also went out of his way to make himself available for questions during and after the conference sessions. He is a polished, entertaining speaker, and a very effective teacher.”

Jake How, conference chairman, Flathead River Writers Conference


“Rob did a masterful job with his presentation for our group. His straightforward presentation style and his timely wit worked to keep the workshop lively and focused. His passion for the subject was evident and appreciated. The group evaluations indicate that Rob was on target and a “smash hit with the crowd.” As one of the group put it: “An A+ at the beginning, an A+ in the middle, and an A+ at the end.” I couldn’t agree more. Our thanks from NARA to Rob for a job well done!!”

Vernon Martin, Former Director, Nashville Area Recovery Alliance

“Rob Simbeck’s visit to my feature writing class always turns out to be the highlight of the semester for my students. His love for writing and his love for people combine to produce a memorable experience.” 

Glenn C. Himebaugh, Ph.D., professor of Journalism, Middle Tennessee State University


“Rob Simbeck is a wonderful asset to any conference. He is available to attendees from the moment he arrives, He sits in on the sessions, participates in discussions, and meets invidually with writers, Attendees leave the conference feeling they have made a new friend, interested in their careers. He enthusiastically and generously shares information with others.”

Vicki Cox, Missouri Writers Group


Writers Guild conferences. His was the most popular workshop at our conference. He excels at interacting with and answering questions from those attending his workshops. Rob also did a one-day nonfiction workshop for us. His presentation was again first-rate, professional and well received. Comments from participants in that workshop attest to the quality of his presentations. The following are just a few of the comments we received:

‘Rob Simbeck’s presentation was the most helpful presentation I have attended…’
‘More “Rob” workshops!’
‘It was wonderful.’
‘Rob was awesome, practical, yet creative…’
‘…very helpful, inspiring, and informative…’
‘Rob gave me personally a direction in which to go.’”

John Fisher, Heartland Writers Guild