The shadows deepen
behind the dark first layer of leaves
at the edge of the woods.

Inside its inky depths
owls ruffle on grasped limbs,
prepared to hurl their hunger

across the woods
and toward the grasses, rustling
with the feet of hungry field mice.

The earth rolls slowly
deep into its somber shadow
and a million shades of green

turn grey, then black.
Fireflies lift like champagne bubbles
glow like little suns

beacons flashing
silently for mates. They rise
& glow like memories–

the taste of pre-love
wine, the feel of clutching arms
the scent of sweat & passion.
The darkness stills
& settles on the land,
while a thousand little glows,

engorged with need
& promise, rising higher still,
defy it.




Posted on

June 10, 2014